Oriental Belly Dance in Belgrade, Serbia

Looking for dance classes in Belgrade? Try our fun bellydance classes with an expert instructor who is also fluent in English. The studio is located near Vukov spomenik and Zira hotel, conveniently near the centre with many transport possibilities (Stjepana Ljubiše 23 (google map)). Each class has usually 4-5 people (and a maximum of 8), so attention can be given to each student. There are two levels of classes: beginner and intermediate/advanced.

For information and registering contact Enisa by phone: +381 63 8860178 or
e-mail: enisadancer@gmail.com

Enisa’s Credentials:

Enisa, instruktor orijentalnog trbusnog plesa, autor knjige Umetnost orijentalnog plesa, orijentalna plesacica

  • Over 15 years of experience in oriental (belly) dance, teaching since 2003
  • Certified Instructor of Recreational Sports, Fitness Academy, Budapest
  • Movement-therapy course, Hungarian Alliance for Natural Medicine, Budapest
  • Published author in the field of dance, most prominently a comprehensive theoretical and practical guide to bellydance – first such book in Serbian language, published in 2010.
  • Teaching Reference: Regular classes in her own studio in Belgrade; Reflexology Studio „Csorba“, Budapest (teaching regular oriental dance classes); Instructor at „Shahnaz“ oriental dance workshop, Belgrade; private and small-group classes (ongoing)

Enisa’s dance videos

FAQ about Bellydance Classes

What to expect at a class
Generally classes consist of the following elements:
Warm-up: prepares your muscles and joints and gets you into mood for dancing.
Technique and drills: the teacher demonstrates the techniques and combinations and corrects the students when necessary.
Improvisation: an opportunity to combine creatively the techniques learned and/or just to get grooving and creative to some great music.
Cool-down: stretching, breathing; wrap-up the class.
When appropriate, there will be some conversation about the cultural aspects of oriental dance, its history, dance styles, Middle Eastern music or other related topic.

What to wear to class?
Whatever makes you feel comfortable (e.g. stretch pants or a comfortable skirt with a top). You will need a simple scarf or wrap around the hips. Since we dance barefoot, bring socks (or some really thin and flat-soled dance shoes) for warmth.

I’m out of shape/ I’m not so young/ I’m not that „exercise-type“/ I can’t dance/ I’m clumsy. Can I really learn this dance?
Yes, you can. Oriental dance is based on natural movements. This is an archetypical knowledge anyone can reach to. It is not so much about learning, as it is about making the body remember what it already knows.

What are the benefits of dancing?

  • Effective recreational activity, suitable for people on all levels of physical condition. The movements are natural and do not strain the joints. Practically all muscles from head to toe are utilized – oriental dance trains muscle-groups that are neglected in other types of recreational sports.
  • Raises the level of energy, helps establishing the balance of energy and improves energy circulation.
  • Has beneficial influence on the blood circulation and hormonal system
  • Conditions the interior pelvic muscles – thus regular dancing may help in cases of irregular cycle, PMS and incontinence.
  • Conditions the muscles used during child labour and increases their conscious use. Previous dancing history may ease labour and speed regeneration.


  • Encourages the free expression of the various aspects of femininity: this dance can be sensual and erotic, charming and elegant, joyful and energetic or spiritual. Helps women be more feminine and be confident about it.
  • The dancer experiences the creative process through the free improvisational dance. This physical, emotional and spiritual experience is a source of happiness on its own merit.
  • For some people, the act of dancing itself holds deep spiritual sensation (regardless of religion). Dancing can induce meditative and trance-like state of mind where the dancer becomes one with the dance.

Register for bellydance classes in Belgrade at: 063/886-0178 or
e-mail: enisadancer@gmail.com