Enisa, instruktor orijentalnog trbusnog plesa, autor knjige Umetnost orijentalnog plesa, orijentalna plesacicaperformer and instructor of oriental dance and author of the book Art of Oriental Dance (in Serbian)

Enisa performs oriental dance for over 10 years, fostering a vivacious style and elegant style based on traditional Middle Eastern dances, but also enjoys unusual and innovative projects (especially crossing into lyrical dance). Enisa teaches oriental dance since 2003.

In addition to active dancing, Enisa researches and writes about the history and theory of oriental dance. She is the author of the first book published in the Western Balkans area about oriental dance. Shortly after the publication of the book in 2010, Enisa was invited to give an interview and performance on the Serbian state television (RTS).

Enisa showed her interest and talent for dancing at an early age. She studied classical ballet under the prima-ballerina Danica Izrailovski, and later continued to attend classes in flamenco and Latin-American dances. Her first experience with oriental dance comes from living in her hometown Belgrade, where the influence of Middle Eastern music is strong and a specific vibrant, sensual and trance-like form of bellydancing is traditionally present at parties and weddings. During her studies at the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest (Hungary), Enisa began formal training in oriental dance. She continues her studies at workshops by internationally renowned instructors from Egypt, Syria and other countries.

Career highlights:


  • Enisa started a new program of dance classes with drummer Akash Bhatt, with the aim to reintroduce the connection of dance and live music, which tends to be forgotten in the present age of digital music.
knjiga Umetnost orijentalnog plesa

cover of book Art of Oriental Dance


  • Enisa’s dance school is featured on the Women’s Sport Festival


  • Enisa’s book Art of Oriental Dance (Umetnost orijentlanog plesa) is published in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Performs in several exciting, unusual dance venues, such as the Belgrade Sport Fest and the Merkator Shopping Fever Multi-brand Fashion Show
  • Gives an interview and performance on the Serbian state TV (RTS) in a show that is aired to audiences on 3 continents


Enisa teaching in a workshop

teaching in a workshop



  • Enisa created and participated in performing an oriental veil dance duet to Armenian music, commissioned by the Armenian Minority Local Government in Budapest and aired on local television.

„children are some of my favourite audiences“


  • Enisa created and performed for the first time her lyrical choreographic piece „Waves“ , which was thereafter performed for five years in a row on the international conferences „Danube – River of Cooperation“.


  • Performing in the „Outstanding Bellydancers of Hungary“, oriental dance gala show in Budapest
Aero klub, Beograd (Foto Matija)" alt="orijentalni trbusni ples na proslavi u elegantnom ambijentu

performing in the exclusive Aero klub venue in Belgrade


  • Enisa begins performing oriental dance and performs ever since, on numerous private and corporate functions and Middle Eastern establishments.

Enisa is currently living in Belgrade, where she teaches dance classes. She continuously works on perfecting her dance and choreographic skills in order to present to her audience ever more interesting and authentic shows.


Others about Enisa

Regarding Enisa’s book Art of Oriental Dance (Umetnost orijentalnog plesa)

„given what the text and scope of this book offers, her pioneering work deserves every attention“.

– Jovan Cirilov, the famous Serbian theatrical writer and critic

„This book contributes to an understanding of oriental dance that is stemming from the true existence of dance. The author has written in a radically open manner about a dance form that is often misunderstood as merely an erotic dance meant to seduce. However, the research and analysis presented in the book speaks of the seriousness of this dance form. With this book also, dance as an art form should receive the attention in deserves.“

– Edina Papo, the artistic director of ballet of the National Theatre in Sarajevo

„the book represents the author’s contribution to the modest general knowledge [about Eastern cultures], but also an attempt to bring together the still confronted worlds on the neutral ground of art.“

– Deana Komlenic, artist, historian and Middle East expert

About Enisa as performer (and lecturer)

„The charming Enisa Imamovic has delighted us with her dance performance and lecture on the topic of the Art of Oriental Dance“

– Inner Wheel club Beograd Singidunum

„[Enisa] has given so much energy to the show with an excellently created number, especially the unusual costume.“

– Lena Kemeny, theatre show director and producer, Budapest

„Thank you for your participation [in the fashion show], you were wonderful, you delighted in every aspect!“

– Jelena Miljus, director of JMS Fashion Agency